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We are all consumers, whether it be doing the weekly shop, buying that dream holiday or paying the household bills.

If you’ve paid for goods and services that aren’t up to scratch, as a consumer you’re fully entitled to challenge this in order to put things right.

Your rights

Legally, when you buy or pay for practically any product or service, you have “entered a contract”. Whilst this might sound complicated – its not! There are all kinds of laws to protect you if something goes wrong with your purchase. These are known as your consumer rights.

Our free legal advice covers a range of common problems and what you can do to challenge or get your money back if something isn’t up to scratch, including;

  • Contracts with utilities and household bills
  • Faulty goods
  • Goods not being “as described”
  • Repairs and home improvements
  • Returning goods
  • Supply of services
  • Warranties

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Consumer Law Questions

We bought a car privately, but when we tried to sell it in part-exchange the garage discovered through an HPI check that the man who sold us the car still owes money to the finance company. The car therefore shows up as still belonging to him. What can we do?

A friend picked up some foreign currency for me and they gave him the wrong exchange rate, thinking it was a different currency. Now they want the money back that they overpaid, and are asking for my bank details. Do I have to pay them back?

My son bought a double bed 22 months ago at a cost of £950 and it has completely collapsed. The shop says it is out of its 12 month guarantee and there is nothing they can do. Surely a bed costing this much should last longer?

We had our drive resurfaced by a man who told us it would last six years. It didn’t last six months! He gave us a guarantee, but he ignored my request for my money back and asked for another £100 to re-do the drive. Naturally I refused, but is there any further action I can take?

Before Christmas I hired a disco for this summer and paid £100 deposit. Now I’ve had to cancel it after discovering I’m pregnant, but they refuse to refund my deposit, even though they have more than six months’ notice of the cancellation. What can I do?

We bought a new car a fortnight ago at a cost of £18,500 and it has now spent its fifth day at the dealers being repaired. Do we have to put up with this?

When I went on holiday I was met at the resort airport by a travel rep, who told me I would be staying in a different hotel from the one I’d booked. Surely I should have been informed of this beforehand and given the option to cancel? The holiday firm says I’m not entitled to compensation. What do you think?

We bought an expensive carpet a year ago. It was supposed to be “fade resistant”, but now it’s gone white with the sun. The people who are now in the shop say the previous firm went into liquidation. Is there anything we can do?

I’ve been having problems with our water supply, but when the water board came they couldn’t find our stop tap. It turned out that the kitchen fitters I had in four years ago had blocked it off behind a cupboard. They say it’s not their problem. What can I do?

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