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We spend the majority of our lives at work – so when something goes wrong in the workplace, or you think you have been unfairly treated, you need expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity to ensure that your rights are protected.

Employment law is very fast moving and complicated, and very few people have a clear idea of their rights at work. Our employment lawyers can advise on a wide range of work related matters including;

  • Bullying at work
  • Discrimination
  • Pay Disputes
  • Redundancy
  • Unfair dismissal

Our employment lawyers can also offer advice on the nicer side of employment law, such as helping you negotiate your contract for that dream job.

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General Legal Advice Questions

I have recently started work after months of being unemployed, but in order to receive my wages I need a bank account. I have been all over town trying to open an account, but each time I’m told I need something with my signature on it, such as a driving licence or a passport: unfortunately I have neither. Is there any law about this, or is it just the banks’ rules, and is there any way round it?

Is it still an offence to play football in the street? Do we have to put up with abusive language from the children?

I write poetry and make greeting cards. I would like to make cards with my own words to sell, and would like to know how to go about getting copyright, since one day I would like them published in a book.

I am in the process of writing my autobiography, which I intend to have published in book form. A section will deal with the sale of my business, which ended in a bitter dispute. Can I presume it is in order to mention all the characters with pseudonyms without infringing the law?

My husband was left a ring by his father. The intention was for it to be passed down through the male line of the family, and since we had no grandchildren at the time the only boy in the family was a nephew. We now have a grandson whom we would like to give the ring to, but we wanted to know our legal position on this in case it causes a family rift.

When I ran over a large piece of scrap metal which was lying in the road there was a huge jolt and my front tyre went flat. I submitted a claim to the council’s highways department, but their insurers have denied liability. They say that this particular stretch of road is inspected on a daily basis and since I was the only person to put in a claim the debris could not have been there long.

My children were left some money in a trust by a relative, but the sole trustee has disappeared. The children have account books but can’t access the money, and the bank says they won’t get it until the trustee signs the money over to them. I can’t see this ever happening. What will happen to the money?

I have invented a children’s board game. But before I try to manufacture it, should I protect it with copyright? How do you copyright anything?

I subscribe to a magazine, and occasionally e-mail articles from it to friends. I actually wrote to the editor asking for permission to do this, but didn’t receive a reply. Is there any law stopping me from passing these articles on?

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