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We are all consumers, whether it be doing the weekly shop, buying that dream holiday or paying the household bills.

If you’ve paid for goods and services that aren’t up to scratch, as a consumer you’re fully entitled to challenge this in order to put things right.

Your rights

Legally, when you buy or pay for practically any product or service, you have “entered a contract”. Whilst this might sound complicated – its not! There are all kinds of laws to protect you if something goes wrong with your purchase. These are known as your consumer rights.

Our free legal advice covers a range of common problems and what you can do to challenge or get your money back if something isn’t up to scratch, including;

  • Contracts with utilities and household bills
  • Faulty goods
  • Goods not being “as described”
  • Repairs and home improvements
  • Returning goods
  • Supply of services
  • Warranties

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Consumer Law Questions

Four months ago I lent my son the money to buy a car. We bought one described as “a good runner and mechanically sound” for £1300 from a dealer. Within four weeks the head gasket had cracked. The garage blames my son, saying he shouldn’t have driven it without water, but I believe the garage knew there was a problem. Is there any way we can get our money back?

We booked a holiday in Portugal with a tour operator we’ve used before. This time they keep making last-minute adjustments to schedules and have brought our Heathrow flight forward by six hours, which ended up costing our party an extra £370 in order to get there on time. The alternative would have been to forgo the holiday.

We bought a bathroom suite from a DIY store. Then we went on holiday leaving someone looking after the house and the store delivered a second bathroom suite, which is now blocking our garage. Despite ‘phone calls to the store, the head office and the delivery firm we can’t get anyone to take it away. What can we do?

In April I called out the plumbers when my boiler didn’t heat the water. They fitted a new part, but the problem reappeared within an hour and they came back and fitted another part. Two months later I had the same problem and the replacement part was found to be faulty. I was amazed to get a bill for £156 to replace the faulty part. Do I have to pay this?

I bought a car from a large dealership, but after seven weeks the gearbox packed up. Could you tell me my rights, because the dealership is refusing to do any repairs?

I bought my bungalow 18 months ago. The coloured glass in the top windows kept cracking in cold weather, but all the cracked panes were replaced before I moved in. When another window cracked last winter I called out the installer again, but they charged me £60. Do I have to pay this? Surely glass should last more than a few years?

I booked a camper van for the holidays and paid a deposit of £130. The following day I discovered that a relative had bought a caravan that we could borrow. I rang the owner of the hire firm, who agreed to return the deposit, but I’ve now received a letter saying they will only give us a credit note. What’s my legal position?

Three years ago I had my path flagged, and I have had to get the builder back because it’s sinking. He says if he has to re-lay it I will have to foot half the bill. Do I have any legal right to ask him to do the job again solely at his own expense?

We paid a £10,000 deposit on a piece of high-tech equipment, but the manufacturers went into liquidation before we could take delivery. Now the company’s assets have been removed to Switzerland by the firm’s parent company there. What chance do we have of either getting our equipment or our money back?

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