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Whether you are an individual or small business, our free general legal advice covers a wide range of situations where you need guidance and  support, or just someone to translate the legal jargon!

Our experts can handle and advise on most types of civil litigation. In addition we can provide clients with advice on a wide range of business issues where legal expertise is required.

Whether it be a dispute with a neighbour or employer, a company or local authority, our practical free legal advice can help you get the answers you need in terms of your legal rights

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General Legal Advice Questions

I have received regular treatment for glaucoma for several years, but recently the DVLA turned down my application to renew my driving licence. I understand that I can contest the issue in court, but I am having problems finding someone experienced in this field to make a presentation to the DVLA.

I am due to retire in a few months’ time, and I would like help on investing money to boost my pension and also advice on capital gains tax and inheritance tax. The Department for Work and Pensions just sends me literature I find difficult to understand. Where can I go for the correct advice on both legal and financial matters and on the intricacies of the DWP?

Is there a time limit within which solicitors must present their bills to clients?

I’ve been sending script ideas to the TV companies. I now discover that one of the soaps that rejected my material is nonetheless using one of my ideas. Is there anything I can do about this?

I accepted an out-of-court settlement on the basis that my solicitor’s fees were paid by the other party. I was informed that the other party was holding out. But now my solicitor doesn’t return my ‘phone calls or answer my letters, so I can’t find out what’s going on. Was I right to insist on the other side paying my costs?

In the 1960’s my husband was a member of a pop group. I was wondering what happens to the royalties, especially since he has now died.

The bin men don’t come into our road and there’s no street lighting. I withheld £50 from my council tax, explaining it was for services they don’t provide. The council replied that they could eventually start proceedings against me. Should I continue to dig my heels in?

My son has worked in Germany for more than ten years. He’s marrying a Filipino girl in the Philippines in September, and he’s established that she can stay in Germany for three months a year on a special visa. Will she have a right to enter the UK?

My wife may have to go into a care home in the future, and I have been told by a friend that because our house is in my name and we have separate bank accounts, the local authority can’t take my money or make me sell our house for her care. At the moment she would be self funding.

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