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General Legal Advice Questions

I still use my married name, even though I’ve been divorced 25 years. I’d now like to apply for a passport ¬– I’ve never had one before – but the only documentation I possess is my birth certificate. I understand I need a copy of my marriage certificate or divorce certificate. How would I go about getting these?

I hope to move to somewhere in the south of England in the near future, leaving behind family rows which have been going on for the best part of 20 years. I would like to make it impossible for family members to trace me, so I’m planning to change my name. Can I legally do this when I enrol on the electoral register in my new home town?

The car park where I work, which isn’t open to the public, has signs and road markings exactly as you would find them on a public road. At the end of a shift people leave by the shortest possible route, totally ignoring these signs. Are the signs legal, and could we pursue an insurance claim even though it’s private land?

My nephew died a year ago. To date nothing has been done about the grave and his widow, who lives away, doesn’t seem interested. His parents would like to have the grave properly finished at their own expense although they don’t want to fall out with the daughter-in-law. What’s the best way of dealing with this problem?

I’ve been libelled in an e-mail. Is there any action I can take about this?

A friend used to be an Olympic runner, and somebody has used his photograph to advertise a new race without his permission. What’s his legal position?

A year ago I went to my solicitors to have a paper signed. The solicitor I was directed to asked me to stand up and take the book in my hand and duly signed the document, but she said she wasn’t sure whether she was the right person to do it. I wonder whether she was, and whether the document is legal?

Am I entitled to obtain the result of a case which recently went before the Magistrates’ Court, where presumably both the press and the public would have had a right of attendance?

A woman down the road ‘phoned me to tell me that she’d discovered, in her own mail from a major financial institution, three sheets of paper containing details of my pension. I’m annoyed that someone who lives so close should know about my pension arrangements, and I wondered if I’m entitled to any redress from the firm?

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