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General Legal Advice Questions

My birth wasn’t registered, and I’m having difficulty obtaining a passport. I’ve been to several solicitors, but drawn a blank. Can you help?

What constitutes harassment?

My aunt bought a caravan on a site, and paid £18,500 for it. Since then her husband has been taken ill and she hasn’t been in it. She wanted to sell it, but the leisure park has offered her just £4,000. Is there anything she can do to get a bigger refund?

My husband has suffered a stroke and cannot now speak or write. We have been offered sheltered housing, but my husband cannot sign the papers to sell the house we jointly own. Nor is he in a position to grant me power of attorney to sign on his behalf. Can you help us?

We called a plumber out to fix a leak on the hand basin in the bathroom. He broke the basin and also the hot tap on the bath and left without repairing either. We had to call another plumber to fix the hot tap, since the first plumber said he couldn’t return for several days. Can I bill the first plumber for the cost of calling out the second?

My grandchildren and I were eating a crisp-type snack when we noticed the aluminium foil lining of the tube had flaked off on to the crisps. I was horrified to think that we had been eating aluminium, which is associated with memory loss. The firm sent us a cheque for £50 but assured us that the packing conforms with the foodstuffs legislation. I can’t say I’m satisfied; is there anything else I can do?

I asked a local builder for an estimate for an extension on my house. He in turn contacted somebody else, who came to the house and asked what I wanted. Next thing he presented me with plans (which I hadn’t asked for) and a bill for £350. I paid him £80 since I decided to move instead. He is now threatening legal action: do I have to pay him?

My wife is a care worker working for the council. She was visiting a client on a private estate when she received a ticket from a private parking firm, and she had to pay a £35 fine. Can she get her money back from the parking firm or the council? She was never told she needed a permit.

While taking a car on a test drive from a showroom I had an accident and the car was damaged. I don’t currently own a car so I don’t have insurance, and the showroom is threatening to sue if I don’t pay for the damage. Shouldn’t the dealer be insured?

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