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General Legal Advice Questions

I lived with a woman for five years, but when we split up she locked me out of her house and got a court order to keep me out. I have since written and telephoned in an attempt to recover my possessions, worth about £700, but to no avail. My solicitor has said we should sort it out between us. What can I do?

My tools were stolen from a building in a “secure” compound where I’m working. The main contractor on the site (I’m working for a sub contractor) employs a security firm. Can you advise me if I can get compensation from anyone?

Last year my father-in-law opened a joint bank account with his sister, who was looking after him. He has now been taken into a home, and has fallen out with his sister. The result is that we are unable to get any money from her for his upkeep. How can we resolve this?

We sold a car to a friend, but we continued using it to get from A to B. Now my wife and I have separated, but she won’t return the car. What can my friend do to get it back?

Our daughter’s car was parked across the road from our house when, during strong winds overnight, the garden walls of the two houses opposite collapsed on to it. I’ve been in touch with the owners’ insurance companies, but they say they won’t pay for the damage unless my daughter can prove negligence. I don’t think this can be right.

I’ve written up the minutes of a residents’ action committee for 20 years. One particular resident was discussed at a recent meeting, and although I haven’t mentioned him by name in my notes he is easily identifiable. It’s been suggested that I get clearance before the notes are circulated, since the resident could sue for libel. Is there any way of doing this?

Recently I had a confrontation with my ex-wife’s partner. No blows were struck, but a few days later I received a letter from my ex-wife’s solicitor stating that I had assaulted her partner, which was totally untrue. What can I do about this slur?

We went to a relative’s wedding reception and were put at a table near the kitchen door. There was a terrific draught, and we became so cold that special arrangements had to be made to take us back to the hotel and our weekend was ruined. However our claim for compensation has been rejected on the grounds that we were not the paying clients and that it was an “old building”.

If my father had to move into an old folk’s home, what’s the maximum amount he’s allowed to have in savings for him not to have to pay any of the home costs? If he were to sign his house over to a family member, how many years need to pass for the property not to be taken into account?

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