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There was talk in the newspapers about an appeal to the European Court over speed cameras. It was questioning whether vehicle owners should be forced to disclose the identity of a driver prosecuted for speeding. What was the outcome?

Our local shopping area has been pedestrianised, but is now used by skateboarders, cyclists and children on scooters. Who would be responsible for any injury caused by these activities? Surely the council has a duty of care to provide a safe environment for shoppers?

I have a static caravan on a private site. A branch from a large tree fell on my caravan and damaged the roof. Will the site owners be responsible for the repairs, or will I have to call on my own insurers?

Do the direction markings on the car parks belonging to the council, hospitals and trading estates, for example, have any legal standing? Could a driver going the “wrong” way be prosecuted? How are insurance companies likely to respond to a claim resulting from such an accident?

I live across the road from a government building, whose large trees overhang the road. The leaves create an enormous mess in the street and also block our gutters. Shouldn’t they clear up the leaves themselves, instead of relying on the council and householders?

What’s my legal position if someone parks their car across my driveway so that I can’t put my car away at night?

The deeds of my property show that my neighbours have a right of way over our footpath on foot only. However their children were using it for skateboarding and roller blades, and we called the police, who asked the neighbours not to skate on the path. Now the children are kicking footballs into our garden to annoy us. Does this come under harassment and anti-social behaviour?

The council instructs householders to put their bins on the pavement for emptying. Who is liable if a pedestrian is injured by bumping into a bin, or a car is damaged by hitting a bin which has been blown, or thrown, into the road? Is the legal position different before emptying (when the householder put it there) and after (when a council employee put it there)?

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