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Writing a will does not have to be costly or time consuming. A professionally drafted will can offer financial safety and security to your loved ones, ensuring that your wishes are carried out after your death. It can also save a great deal of expense – significantly minimising the possibility of future disputes and achieving considerable savings in Inheritance Tax.

Our specialist team of Wills and Probate lawyers provide impartial and independent advice covering a range of services including:

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  • Trusts

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Wills and Probate Questions

My son died a year ago. He’’d been living with a girlfriend and had three children, one of whom is 19 now, but didn’’t keep in touch with them. I asked the girlfriend if we could bury the ashes, which are still at the undertakers, but she won’’t talk to us, and the undertakers won’’t release them to us. What’’s the legal position?

The executors administering my father’s will have taken over four years to distribute his estate because of arguments over certain possessions. The solicitors acting for the executors have insisted I sign acceptance of their final account before making their last payment to me; are they entitled to withhold this money when I believe they’ve still got it wrong?

My wife left me last year after 46 years of marriage. She is now living in a flat our daughters have bought for her. What is she entitled to when anything happens to me? Do I have to leave her anything in my will, or is she entitled to half of what I have?

My aunt is a partner in the family business and has taken full control of financial matters since my father died. As a result we have not received anything from the business for the past two years, although it is still operating and making good profits.    

Can you tell me what happens when someone dies intestate leaving less than £100,000? Is there any need to involve a solicitor?

My parents have made a will appointing myself and my brother executors. My brother and I fell out 13 years ago, and my brother hasn’’t spoken to my parents for the last eight years. Surely the solicitor who drew up the will shouldn’’t have allowed them to do this?

My father left his money to me and my four brothers and sisters but I was seriously ill at the time, and they altered the will so that I now only receive the interest on the money and cannot touch the capital. My brothers and sisters are no longer alive, do I have a right to this money?

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