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You need insurance for just about anything these days from your car to your home and valued possessions, or if you are business owner, you need employer’s liability cover to protect you against claims against employees.

Whatever the policy, an insurance company has a legal obligation to meet the terms and conditions set out in your contract. If it fails to do so, the company will be in breach of contract.

Disputes rising as a result of insurance policy claims are becoming just as common as making the claims themselves. A dispute can be a result of a claim that has been rejected outright, or where the insurance company refuse to pay the full value of the claim, leaving you out of pocket.

Challenging insurance disputes can be complex, but there are options available for you to challenge these, and a solicitor who specialises in this area of the law will be able to advise you further.

Our free legal advice can assist when your insurance company has rejected your claim, refused to pay you what your claim is worth, or given some other reason not to pay you.

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Insurance law Questions

My car was stolen from outside a shop after I’d left the keys in the ignition for all of 15 seconds. The car was later found burned out. My insurance company says my insurance is void in the circumstances, and I can’t afford to replace the car. Can they just refuse to pay out?

The car park where I work, which isn’t open to the public, has signs and road markings exactly as you would find them on a public road. At the end of a shift people leave by the shortest possible route, totally ignoring these signs. Are the signs legal, and could we pursue an insurance claim even though it’s private land?

Two years ago I had a minor accident when I ran into the back of another car. I reported it to my insurance company as you’re supposed to do. As a result I lost some of my no claims bonus. When I contacted the insurers recently it emerged that the other driver had not put in a claim. Do they have the right to reduce my no claims bonus if no payment was made?

I was leaving a hotel car park and accidentally ran over an unattended bag belonging to a wedding photographer. He says a lens costing £2,000 was damaged and he wants my insurance details. Who was to blame?

We had a slight altercation in a supermarket car park when our shopping trolley ran into another customer’s vehicle. Who is responsible for paying for the damage: is it the supermarket, or will we have to pay for it through our home insurance?

My house was badly damaged by a lorry. On the day the council took over under section 78 of the Building Act 1984. I was only notified of this by letter 16 days later. I have now received an invoice for £9,000 and they have put a charge on my property. Am I responsible for paying this, and should I have been notified earlier?

My wife and I bought a house together and took out a mortgage. The solicitor told us that, should either one of us die, the house would become the property of the surviving partner. However when my wife died last year the bank said it couldn’t find any insurance to cover my wife’s death. The solicitors haven’t replied to my letter asking them to explain this.

My house insurers ask if there are any trees over three metres high within 30-35 metres of my property. The answer is that there are, but they are in my neighbour’s garden. Can we seek reimbursement from them of the higher premium we have to pay as a result?

I booked a holiday in Canada, and took out travel insurance with the travel company. However my GP now says I shouldn’t fly since I’ve started suffering from panic attacks. But the insurers won’t give me a refund because the small print rules out cancellations due to anxiety-related problems. I’ve discovered that the travel company changed underwriters and removed this clause a month after I took out my insurance. It would seem that I’ve missed being able to reclaim £800 by a month.

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