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We spend the majority of our lives at work – so when something goes wrong in the workplace, or you think you have been unfairly treated, you need expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity to ensure that your rights are protected.

Employment law is very fast moving and complicated, and very few people have a clear idea of their rights at work. Our employment lawyers can advise on a wide range of work related matters including;

  • Bullying at work
  • Discrimination
  • Pay Disputes
  • Redundancy
  • Unfair dismissal

Our employment lawyers can also offer advice on the nicer side of employment law, such as helping you negotiate your contract for that dream job.

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Employment Questions

All over the country there are pensioners working as volunteers in charity shops. Are we covered legally if, say, we take a fall in the shop through an item being put in the wrong place, or worse still, are knocked about during an attempted till snatch?

I have been suffering from repetitive strain injury and I applied to retire on health grounds. However the pension managers say they cannot provide me with a pension forecast because my employers are withholding their consent. They talk about the “sensitive nature” of my request.

We work for a cleaning company, doing ten hours a week. We only get 20 days’ holiday a year, and we’re told to take the rest as public holidays. We think this is wrong, because they’re not holidays we choose ourselves; we think we should get 28 days’ holiday a year like everybody else.

I worked in a local butchers for five months until I had to take a week off sick, at which point they sacked me with no written warning or anything. I had a doctor’s note. Is there anything I can do?

I am an agency driver. Should we be entitled to the same holidays as full-time employees?

At work, three new positions were created. However I could not agree terms and conditions with management, and they decided not to create the new positions after all, blaming me for the decision. Would I be able to claim constructive dismissal if I had to resign because I was shunned by my colleagues?

I was declared unfit for work seven months ago, but the company doctor said I could do a lighter job if the firm could find me one. I haven’t heard anything further: does the company have a legal obligation to find me alternative employment?

My son has had a serious wrist injury, and my wife says she won’t give up work to look after him. Could I take paternity leave?

My employer refuses to hand over my holiday pay: he says he will only pay out when employees actually take a holiday. A percentage is taken from my pay each week towards holiday pay, which should now amount to more than £600. My terms and conditions only cover the amount paid – not when we can have it. Surely my employer must give me the money when I want it?

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